Saving the Earth needn’t cost the Earth and it with that philosophy in mind that we chose to design this website to allow anyone who is interested with making their home a much greener place, or anyone with an interest in building their own green home will to find  a range of related topics that they will find very useful.

In fact, when you start to plan to make your home a much greener place and one that is going to reduce your carbon footprint, then you may find some substantial grants are available to you and those will be worth investigating as they can often cover the cost of most jobs that will need doing.

However, if you are unsure at all of the many power reducing items and appliances that you can use to reduce your carbon footprint then we have lots of guides that you really should be reading through.

Please therefore do have a good look around our site as we have lots of valuable information that will enable you to put together a list of changes that you may be interested in putting in place at home, and below we have compiled a full overview of all of the different sections of this website you may be interested in visiting first.

Please keep in mind this site is updated with lots of new blog posts and articles almost daily so do keep on checking back as there will always be something new to read which we are more than convinced you will find of interest.

Greener House Design –If you are planning on building a brand new home then as part of reducing the carbon footprint of that home you need to start its design from the ground upwards. With that in mind our individual house building guides will enlighten you on many different ways to construct a home so it is very green in its design and greener in the day to day running of that home.

Low Energy Appliances – You will have no shortages of low energy appliances that you can purchase, however originally when a lot of those appliances first came onto the open market the price of them was restrictive. However, as time has ticked by just like most electronic devices you will find the cost of very low energy appliances continue to fall in price.

Home Improvement Grants – Thanks to lots of new initiatives you can often find you will be given access to some huge valued grants when you want to make your home more energy efficient. Our guides on that very topic will keep you updated which where and who you need to apply for to get such a grant and how you are best advised to apply for those grants too.

Solar Power – The number of people who now have solar panels on their roofs is growing all of the time, and with many energy providers pays those home owners for any electricity they generate and feed back into the national grid you may be interested in fitting solar panels, and if so we will let you know the pros and cons of doing so.

Green Energy Suppliers – We know a lot of people are concerned about the environment and are no actively looking for companies who can supply all of their energy demands, but energy firms and companies who generate much greener energy.

If you are on the hunt for a much greener energy supplier then no matter where you live there are bound to be a the very least one or two energy supply companies who can and will supply your energy needs, and as such by using those companies you will be doing your bit to help reduce carbon emissions and will of course be making a major contribution to reducing the carbon footprint that many home owners sadly contribute too. Reducing carbon emission is what every home owner should be looking to do.