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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Needs

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There are of course lots of ways that you can make some very simple changes to your home and your lifestyle that will enable you to use less energy, and by energy we mean gas and electricity rather than your personal mental and physical energy!

In this guide which is one of a very large number of different articles and guides that will be worth you reading through if you want to start cutting back on how much you are having to spend each month on your energy costs, so please read on and make sure you put into place some of the following changes and keep more of your hard earned money in the process too.

Long Life Light Bulbs – Energy efficient light bulbs are now readily available and you will find the price of those light bulbs have reduced in price too recently. There are two major benefits of using long life light bulbs, the first is they will last longer, and additionally they do tend to use much less energy that the older styled light bulbs.

Many stores now sell a large pack of long life light bulbs and offer a large discount for doing so, and as such be on the lookout for those bargains they will in turn save you even more money over the long term. Because these are items you can purchase in bulk, wait for a good sale! 

Turn Off Devices – Some recent studies have revealed that some electrical devices can use just as much energy when they are on the standby mode than they use when they are switched on and fully operational. With that in mind you should get into a habit of actually turning those devices off or removing the plugs from the sockets when you go to bed.

You will be amazed at how that little step can save you a large amount of money over a year, and with that in mind have a chat with everyone in your home and make sure that they stop using the standby mode and turn off their electrical devices instead, as yourelectricity bills will fall when they do.

Light Switch Timers – If you have children then you will not need us to tell you they can often leave lights switches on in rooms they are no longer in and that in turn will slowly but surely increase your electricity bill!

You can now buy timers for your light switches that when pressed and activated will turn off those lights after a period of time chosen by you, so that may be worth looking into if the kids keeping the lights on all over the house is driving you mad!

Lowering Your Central Heating – One simply move that can save you a small fortune over the long term is by lowering the heat setting on your central heating, even reducing the heat down a degree or two will make a huge difference in regards to the amount of energy you use, which will in turn see you saving more money.

In fact, most people will not physically feel any difference when the heating is turned down a degree or two so you will not be sitting there shivering!

Shower Instead of Having a Bath – One thing to consider if you are also on a water meter is that having lots of regular baths can not only increase your energy needs in regards to heating up the water for your baths but you will also be using much more water than you would if you showered instead.

With that in mind do consider cutting back the number of baths you have and instead have a shower instead!


If you want to learn more about energy, why not visit the official energy UK website?