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Recycling Aluminium Cans

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Many people are looking for ways of raising funds for charitable causes and at the same time doing so in as green and efficient way, well there is one way that you could earn a small fortune for your favourite charity and that is by recycling aluminium cans.

Now you may be wondering just how you can spot a can that is made from aluminium, well that has been made a lot easier recently as those cans will have a small logo on them which indicates that they are made from aluminium, however there is another way of checking and that is by getting a small magnet.

Unlike drink cans that are made from tin or steel, aluminium does not stick to a magnet. You will find there are quite a number of scrap metal dealers who are actively eager to buy stocks of empty aluminium cans and as such you should consider getting together with a group of people and saving up your empty cans.

One tip for storing those cans if you do end up with a large number of them before you ship them to the scrap metal dealer is to simply squash them!

The amount of cash you will be paid for your empty aluminium cans will of course vary depending on how many of them you have and who you decide to sell them to, however you will be amazed at just how much cash can be earned when a large group of people to make a concerted effort to save up their cans.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you could organise a day where a group of your friends or any member of any group you belong to go out and collect empty discard aluminium cans from the streets or any waste land local to where you live.

However, if you do opt to do so make sure you are doing it in a safe environment and that you get the permission from the land owner of any land or area you intend to scout around for empty discard aluminium cans.

You will find details of many recycling centres and scrap dealers throughout this website so please do take a look around it if you require any additional information regarding recycling any type of scrap metal then simply make contact with those recycling centres or scrap dealers.